The Clarisse version data organisation : 100% of mastery for 100% of protection

Clarisse : a four-in-one solution

  • ORGANIZATION : Clarisse organizes and classifies all types of documents
  • SECURIZATION : Clarisse protects your documentary heritage
  • OPTIMISATION : Clarisse facilitates collaborative work
  • REGULATION : Clarisse allows to be in accordance with the GPDP

80% business data are not managed by business applications. So many unsecured data !


This is the efficiency gain you will realize !

20% of working time spent by an employee looking for documents (Delphi source).
Thanks to Clarisse you can be 20% more efficient ! By coupling a powerful search engine with a simplified classification method, separating from the usual tree structure, Clarisse saves you time (and money)!


This is the amount of business organistions that have already lost data.

37% of private and public French business organisations have already suffered data loss. 80 % would not be confident in the ability to track all their data in case of an incident (source Vanson Bourne).

Clarisse centralizes your data so that it can help you to save them.


store space saved on your servers (and a good saving for your budget)

Clarisse compresses your data and you drop your documents only once. Backing up a file in several places or broadcasting it through multiple mails that’s over. Clarisse optimizes your storage spaces !


Save 15% of bandwidth for your transfers

In addition to encrypting data flows, Clarisse  compresses them in order to save you  bandwidth. These are faster, but also more economical transfers.


of decisions are made on the basis of e-mails or files

It is essential to have the guarantee to work on the right document. Clarisse manages the versions and ensures traceability of your documents.

According to workers, the two main priorities of firms in 2021 should be :


more transparency in processes and priorities (NASAA)


of co-workers ask for technologies for a more effecient team work


less emails

Clarisse bets on more responsible storage and team efficiency through its numerous collaborative features.


Quick access to information
We have been using the CLARISSE application since March 2015 and this has completely disrupted our organization and our way of thinking “sorting of files”. Director of a nursing home, all our documents are digitized and classified. This system for storing files allows us to have a quick access to the information. It also allows data securing through users’ rights. Our goal is to extend the application to care services to provide an accessible library (protocols, meeting records, institution project…) without any risks of loss of documents. This application fits properly in our quality approach.

Magalie Vigouroux
Directrice EHPAD