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Designed in the professional environment, Clarisse has been developed to effectively organize and protect the entire informal data (e-mails, Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.). Much better than a simple system based on a tree classification, Clarisse brings you the control of your data.

For what purpose? (23 seconds more)

They are multiple :

  • find the information you need quickly,
  • not depending on colleagues to access useful data,
  • be sure to work with the correct version of a document,
  • working effectively with colleagues to gain efficiency,
  • centralize information to better control, enhance and secure it,
  • protect data from unwanted access,
  • compliance with the DMPR without slowing down the teams.

Unstructured data represent more than 80% of you data

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Clarisse brings you serenity (35 seconds to do good) !

Clarisse, it’s the end of your problems (at least IT problems):

  • STOP getting stressed because of the search for a document. The powerful search engine is doing the job for you.
  • STOP to confidentiality issues. Data organisation is controlled by simple but powerful access rights management.
  • STOP to hacking fear or data loss. Clarisse encrypts your documents and monitors their dissemination.
  • STOP to the challenges related to the implementation of the DPMR. Clarisse simplifies your compliance without penalizing your team productivity.
  • STOP to lack of efficiency. Finally, you will find time to learn Polish.

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Clarisse makes you earn money, (Q.E.D in less than 24 seconds) !

Allowing its teams to gain efficiency and serenity is to increase their productivity!

  • 20% more efficiency,
  • 30% less storage costs,
  • 15% of bandwidth saved

Just a simple and quick training and you get the whole set!

Gaining  in agility is gaining in growth! Optimize your operation to transform your company over the long term.

You don’t believe it?
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How does Clarisse get to these results? (another 43 seconds more and you will know everything)

It’s very simple, we’re changing what has not been for over 40 years!

  1. Removal of a tree structure classification: the tree structure is created according to the logic of its creator, and in our professional structures we do not all have the same logic.
  2. Use of a ranking system that has proven to manage very large amounts of information: the binder and tabs system.
  3. Definition of a single rule applied to all staff: each binder corresponds to a project/mission.
  4. Integration of all modern computer technologies: full-text search engine, character recognition, database, encryption, etc.
  5. Developing simple and quick interfaces to make users enjoy the use of the system.

Clarisse is the fruit of a combination of the best part of a paper organisation related to the best part of the digital system.

You spent less than 2 minutes on this page; I hope we have been sufficiently synthetic. In any case we thank you for having made it this far !

Book an appointment for a demo, you will see it is simple, fast and efficient. Contact Clarisse!


Using Clarisse allows a considerable time saving
User of the Clarisse application since July 2013, I can only praise the qualities of this software. I manage several structures in the medical and social sector and the use of Clarisse allows considerable time savings and streamlining user rights on pdf, Office and e-mail documents, Clarisse changed our documentary organization to become the central point, whether for archiving or working on these same documents, thanks to the use of workflows and decision-making flows. We also gained security because our data are now encrypted, but also because users with rights on a document are assured to work on the correct version of this document, which was not the case before Clarisse was used.
Finally, the hotline is available and provides us with an answer in the half-day.

Christophe Génie
Directeur de plusieurs établissements – EHPAD, MAS, entreprise adaptée, foyer occupationnel