Choose the Clarisse option that’s right for you:

Choosing serenely the Clarisse financing best suited to your needs means choosing its mode of use and hosting:


  • Rent Clarisse, from 3 users minimum
  • Acquire Clarisse, from 8 users (perpetual license with annual maintenance)


  • Host your Clarisse within your infrastructure, even if you rent it (if so!), from 8 users
  • Subscribe to a hosting service even if you opt for an acquisition

Use and hosting are independent options. You can rent Clarisse and host it or acquire the license and subscribe to hosting. You read that right, it works both ways!

And because we are nice geeks, we also offer discounts!

  • 20% discount on user fees (excluding accommodation services) if you are a local authority with less than 50 employees, a health institution with less than 80 employees, an association with less than 100 employees.
  • Discount according to the volume of user (we know how to adapt the discount ;))

Feel free to contact us for a demonstration, a quote or to learn more about what Clarisse and we can do for you.



per month and per user
(from 3 users)

Decreasing rate according to volume

Maintenance and updates included

400€ht activation fee

Commitment 1 year



per month and per user

Decreasing rate according to volume

  • 25GB/user (cumulative)
  • 100Mb/s bandwidth
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server Database
  • Clarisse engine
  • Daily backups
  • 99,6% uptime



per user
(from 8 users)

Decreasing rate according to volume

Maintenance and updates billed annually
(18% of the license price)

400€ht activation fee