In order to simplify the classification of data Clarisse does not rely on a tree organization. We rely on a principle that has proven its worth when managing large volumes, namely the principle of Binders and Spacers. To this principle mastered by everyone we have added features such as a powerful search engine and management by Template Binders which simplifies the administration while harmonizing the organization. Clarisse combines the best of analogy with the best of digital. It’s simple and effective!


Clarisse allows you to centralize all your unstructured data. The app offers web and smartphone access so you can access your data from anywhere. Thus the data are not wrongly duplicated. They exist in only one copy in one place, while being accessible from anywhere.


Bring your unstructured data into compliance with the GDPR effortlessly! The dream of every DPO (Data Protection Officer). Clarisse is THE ONLY solution that offers this possibility in an efficient way.

  • Users don’t waste time declaring a document to be GDPR-compliant.
  • The DPO has an interface dedicated to the configuration and operations described in the regulation, such as the right to be forgotten for example.
  • The chosen setting automatically applies to all selected documents.
  • Clarisse instantly generates the various registers necessary in the event of a CNIL control.

Web access and smartphones

Many applications make it possible to exchange data across the cloud. Few of them do this through a security gateway. This is often the flaw that many hackers use for their hacks. Hosted within your business structure or in the cloud, Clarisse data are accessed from an external network only through its security gateway. No addressing is done live. The relay between your Clarisse server and your web or smartphone interfaces is secured by this gateway.


All exchanges between the client and the server are secured by encryption. A check of the document fingerprint is carried out during each transfer to verify the integrity of the documents. Documents are stored on the Clarisse server by being compressed and encrypted. Even in the event of a hack, the data remains unreadable for the attacker. Clarisse assures you total confidentiality. All sensitive fields in the database are also encrypted. We ensure confidentiality all the way.

Collaborative work

Clarisse is not ONLY an Electronic Document Management. It has a whole arsenal of concepts and powerful features that promote collaborative work.

  • A Workbook/Spacer organization to work in project mode
  • The assignment of tasks per employee and the follow-up of their realization
  • A flow engine (Workflow) that generates microprocesses that are very useful for managing your professional structure.

The quality specialists thank us!

Ease of use

All our customers say it: “Clarisse is excessively simple to handle”. Its sleek interface allows all users, even those who did not receive the geek chromosome at birth, to use Clarisse in less time than it takes to write it. The actions are fast and the user wastes less time classifying and searching than with the file explorer he has been using for a very long time. Yes, yes, it is possible!

Web Services Connectors

Would you like to connect your business applications to Clarisse? It’s possible! The Clarisse engine is accessible via web services. Everything the interface can do is controllable by Web services. If the publishers of your business software are also open, then you will obtain control of 100% of your documentary heritage via Clarisse.

Optimized storage

In order to save storage space, the data are compressed. The data are also compressed during exchanges on the network. Thus Clarisse saves you valuable resources both in bandwidth and storage space and therefore in backups. Less resources consumed also means a lower environmental impact. It was our green (but real) wink!

All in one!

Clarisse is a multi-faceted business software.

  • You have Electronic Document Management,
  • a powerful collaborative work tool,
  • a data protection system,
  • a tool for sharing data across the Web,
  • a GDPR management tool,

all interfacing with your business applications. Do you know a competitor who integrates all this and is so simple?