In computer science everything has evolved during the last 40 years,
hardware, programming languages, operating systems; everything or almost ! A small Gaulish village is resisting: Aborescix. Since the dinosaur era (the one of the TREE controls for MS-DOS or ls-r for LINUX / UNIX) the classification of data is done through tree structures.

Clarisse would be suggested as the good solution by Sheldon Cooper !

« At first glance, you can notice that most employees can’t organize themselves. Just one look at their desks and you can imagine the chaos that roams their mind. » Sheldon Cooper could have said that sentence, but would he be totally wrong ?

Even if Sheldon is always right, as Leonard Hofstadter can testify, it turns out that classifying data is not easy when you work in groups.

What has evolved since the Jurassic ?
Nothing ! Well, my bad there’s some…

We have been adding graphic layers on top of the Shell commands, first a windowed interface and, for a few years, a WEB interface. But, apart from that…!?

What logic around tree structures ?

The logic is unique to everyone., it can be very different from one person to another even if the goals are common. Spock will never have the same tree structure as Captain Kirk. And yet they must collaborate. When several people have to work together around a document classification, opinions are as divided as a troll army looking for adventure can be.

For some time, many collaborative work softwares or data sharing softwares such as many drives in the cloud promised us to simplify things. These platforms meet the needs of nomads or teleworkers. However, they have the effect of increasing the dispersion of information such as a laser prism. Access to information is no longer controlled by the company that relies on the pragmatic intelligence of its employees. This is how many data leave the company’s perimeter to end up in the unscrupulous hands of data robber who, as a result, save the honest services offered by the hackers, killing a whole section of the underground economy
(oh my ! I need 2 minutes just to think about what I just wrote…).

The fifth element :

Whether a Shell command, a file explorer, a browser or an online data sharing tool is used, you still have organizational issues. However, a fifth element can help you : Clarisse!

Clarisse Multi-pass :

With an efficient classification method, you have a wide universe of possibilities with great benefits.

Power-up Bonus to win :

  • time savings
  • End of redundancies
  • control and development of information
  • GPSD
  • Safety

We have added to this system :

  • a full-text search engine based on ElasticSearch to allow quick access to any information,
  • a Redis cache database to speed up data processing in large organisations,
  • a SQL Server database for increased performance with encryption of sensitive fields,
  • a data encryption in AES 128 / 192 / 256 bits so that your data remain confidential even in case of piracy.

For a faster user access than the Explorer’s, we have  developed Clarisse as a Windows extension. Even in data handling users save time. The SSO (Single Sign On) also avoids an automatic password input. A deployment of this written application in .net is also possible by GPO to make IDS staff’s life easier.

Clarisse is a gateway between the user and the data, with bonus :

  • Traceability of user actions.
  • Siloed data prevent from virus spread into Clarisse space.

That’s not all !

Clarisse allows data-controlled sharing with your customers, suppliers and partners through its WEB module. Your data are also available from your smartphone in all places at all times. Access to Clarisse data from an external network is made only through its security gateway. No addresses are made live in order to limit the risk of intrusion.

Clarisse brings a number of benefits with an ROI generally less than a Earth revolution around the Sun.


It’s an awsome research !
Our problem was triple:
– Ability to keep all exchanges in customer files simple and quick (BAT, BAT Validation, quotes, changes in quotes, specificities of each order, production file, quality control, etc.) and to find all necessary information within a few moments through a key word search system (plan number, person name, object, personalized text, form number).
– Limit paper archiving, which is tireless to be classified and takes a lot of surface on the ground, while having good management of rights (not everyone has access to salaries, accounting, etc.).
– Find a simple and ergonomic system that does not require too complex training and is able to process all documents while interfaçable with business software.
Clarisse has perfectly fulfilled all these conditions. The system was set up less than a month and all our employees took quickly and easily control of Clarisse. The volume of papers to be processed has collapsed (it’s even stressful for us who used to have plethoric files.)
Psychologically, there was a difficult hurdle to cross !

Finally, research is phenomenal! We find in minutes the 5-year-old documents we had transferred from our old electronic management system to Clarisse in a catch-all directory. We can find everything again!
Sounds miraculous !

Christophe Lacroix
Manager of SMTT