New associates

Olivier Weissbeck

Partner in Clarisse brand companies

After 25 years spent in large groups (EY, Daimler, Michelin), I decided to leave my position as Chief Financial Officer for Northern Europe at Michelin to take up the challenge of entrepreneurship. And it was a man – Alexandre Guinjard – and a project – Clarisse – who persuaded me to try this exciting adventure. With my experiences, clarisse’s tremendous potential and the obvious added value for professional organizations of any kind have not left me insensitive. Clarisse is an effective response to the many challenges that companies are struggling to face today. It is a different and innovative solution, simple and intuitive.
But above all, it is a solution where everyone wins, both the company and its employees who will benefit from its ease of use and efficiency. Clarisse, brings them comfort and well-being at work and this is very important for me to make companies more efficient. This is why Clarisse is so different and this is one of the reasons of my association with Alexandre but also Laurent Briffaz and a passionate team, in order to combine our skills and offer the “Clarisse Experience” to as many people as possible.

Laurent Briffaz

Partner in Clarisse brand companies

Information is a universal language for browsing and evolving in the world of companies and organizations. From the schoolyard, the numbers “spoke to me”, it is quite naturally that I went towards accounting and I chose to practice as a freelancer after my studies. Unable to set limits for me, I have always been attentive to new projects, broadening the range of my skills to taxation and then finance. This is how I developed my activities in more than 15 countries and created nearly fifty companies around the world.
Mark Twain said, “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.” As far as I’m concerned, the term impossible has always made me smile and trigger the desire to take on challenges. Our meeting with Alexandre Guinjard, Olivier Weissbeck, the entire management team and the Clarisse application™ is not due to chance, our primary motivation being to be useful to others, we never confine ourselves to our comfort zone. Multiple challenges have led us to meet great professionals and for us, all together, the adventure continues…

The historical team

Alexandre Guinjard

Founding Partner in Clarisse brand companies

It is the word “Adventure” that best characterizes the Clarisse project. Touch on what has not been touched for more than 40 years: the sacrosanct tree structures of folders and subfolders that do not allow an efficient ranking when there are large volumes of data. It was a long shot, but I thought it was worth the chance. And changing habits with other habits acquired from childhood was THE right solution!
So, to simplify the organization, we replaced the complex folder and subfolder tree structures with binders and spacers. This system that allows a direct reading and especially a universal organization brings the control of the data with everything that results from it such as security, traceability, etc. Originally, Clarisse was born from a customer need that had important organizational issues around its data. 1200 employees, several dozen sites and long missions of up to five years. The specifications that were then entrusted to me were as follows: “create us a magic box, easy to use, which will allow us to get by”. From these atypical specifications was born an atypical solution that responds not only to the problems of this client but also to those of all professional structures regardless of their activities. Our gamble paid off and it’s a great satisfaction.

Jérôme Depras

Associate Project Manager

As a business application designer, Clarisse’s arrival on our development desk represented a hopeless challenge. Creating a “magic box” to find information in a few seconds: this is Clarisse’s original specifications. We take our heads out of our keyboards and jump at the opportunity! The concept seemed simplistic but it echoed what we have too often identified with our customers. Immersing myself in our clients’ professions is my favorite thing about the software design business. Learning from their processes to optimize functional through IT is deeply rewarding.
Yes, but here it is: each one of you carries your own sensitivity to the universes he touches and each brain upset by the need to put everything in order is systematically restrained by the limits of our current file systems. That’s our challenge: to put the user back at the heart of the document system and deliver a simple tool, able to put order where it is often difficult to navigate. It is our experience with our customers that has highlighted this need to facilitate the classification and search for information that does not exist in our business software. Clarisse is the missing link in many current computer systems. Software is the automation of daunting tasks. The human, the user, the brain, it is THE added value of YOUR business. Clarisse is the technological and human combination that brings the classification of your data up to date.

Aurélien Lacombe

Associate Project Manager

Data should not be mastered by us keyboard enthusiasts alone. IT must be a tool at the service of users. Year after year, we have learned from our customers and their problems regarding the classification of information that we cannot manage in the business software we develop. Clarisse’s biggest challenge is to make the user forget that he is using modern and solid technologies. We had to design a simple-to-use application that allows us to classify and retrieve all the essential data of a structure, regardless of its core activity. Our business is based on our ability to understand the technical problems of our customers to provide a quality computerized solution. Custom software is our core business and Clarisse fills everything we can’t provide to our customers with software packages.
By immersing ourselves in the habits of our customers, we quickly highlighted the waste of time involved in searching for precise information and the pressure of finding it “for yesterday”. Combining the best of technology at the service of an organization that simplifies document classification: Clarisse is your breath of fresh air in an ocean of data!