The search for well-being at work is now one of the priorities of employees. They want to better organize their work in order to gain in efficiency and ask to be equipped with efficient tools. The time spent on non-essential tasks is increasing and there is an urgent need to address it. These employees are asking their organizations for more agility, flexibility and speed in decision-making. This also requires an improvement in collaborative work. Major challenges to be met to keep employees motivated, interested and efficient.

Clarisse will put a smile back on their faces!

We have created Clarise for you ! It is simple and intuitive.

Clarisse has been designed for the user. Its simplicity of use is obvious and its menus are intuitive! Clarisse is comfortable, comforting and helpful, attentive to needs. But don’t worry, even if Clarisse is different, its handling is easy and fast. This changes compared to many solutions!

Collaborating within Clarisse is child’s play. Defining tasks and delegating them is a matter of a few clicks. And the dashboards will give you real-time tracking. Clarisse is your personal assistant who saves you time, energy and money. It is at your service and that is its raison d’être.

Clarisse offers you serenity

Clarisse’s ease of use is already a first step towards serenity. But above all, you reduce peripheral work and you can focus your efforts on what really matters. No stress in searching for a file, document, info or other data. Clarisse does it for you thanks to its powerful search engine. You quickly access information, don’t waste time managing duplicates or identifying the right version of a document.

In addition, you can sleep peacefully because Clarisse ensures the confidentiality of your data! Access to your information is fully governed by access rights and your documents are protected and encrypted. It goes without saying that personal data are identified and managed in accordance with the law.

Clarisse strives to be by your side

It is altruistic, it was designed to simplify the lives of others. Responsible data management is not an empty subject for Clarisse, it has made it its workhorse. Clarisse makes it possible, for example, to optimize data storage. A more reasoned and economical storage it is clever, it is useful and it is virtuous. Enough to lighten your mind and your ecological awareness…

Clarisse is for everybody!

It adapts and personalizes. It is multidimensional and universal at the same time. Any professional organization, any employee, of any hierarchical level, of any function, operational or decision-making, can use Clarisse. It was created to be able to adapt to all environments and all business applications. It is not up to you to get used to it but the other way around. It’s its little organic side too, it grows with you.

In a nutshell, you’ll will feel serene and happy when:

  • you are sure to be able to find in less than two seconds all the information you need.
  • you are sure to work on the right version of a document.
  • you know that your data are centralized, i.e. under control.
  • you know that your data are protected against indiscretions, theft or malice.
  • you know that you are in compliance with the legislation (GDPR).
  • all employees of your professional structure work according to the same organizational method.
  • the system assists you in the daily management of your customer contracts, supplier contracts, recurring tasks,…
  • you are confident that you’ve accomplished more important things in less time.