What is more annoying than wasting timeto file and search for documents!?

Most of the time we do double filing :

  • Analogic classification for all paper-based documents
  • Digital classification for all documents in digital format

Sometimes we even switch from one format to another, and we have to classify them twice. So much time wasted in our already full day!

Let’s ask the right questions…

Is filing so natural?

Of course sorting out files is natural! Well … except when it comes to classifying according to a different logic than yours. No problem, just impose your sort-out method on all your colleagues and no more problem! But formalizing a sort-out protocol is not always easy and enforcing processes either…

Are the available tools so good?

Of course, the tools perform well, and we have used the same for several decades. Same ones? No, not quite! But the fundamental principle remains the same: all tools rely on a tree structure organisation of files and sub-folders.

Aren’t the tree structures linked to the logic of its creator?

Of course, they are! So would it not be for this reason that I waste time to classify and search data in the tree structures that are not mine!?

What will Clarisse bring me?

Clarisse is free from the tree structure to work on the simple and effective principle of binders and dividers. No more complex tree structures, just two organizational levels! With Clarisse, a binder is a project (or mission) which means that all employees can work in project mode. In addition, I can reproduce in Clarisse my paper filing, so I have only one organisational method that allows me to save time. Clarisse provides me a simple, fast, universal sort-out way and therefore perfectly mastered.

It’s much better, I can work faster and more efficiently.

But that’s not all!

Clarisse allows me to track my documents through tasks, flows and metadata. Once again, a simple and effective system that allows me to follow up without the need for other tools. For example, thanks to metadata I will be able to track my customer and supplier contracts. Thanks to the workflow, I can easily make my documents read and sign by other people. With the tasks, Clarisse will remind me that on such date I will have to do so or so, etc. Finally Clarisse is like my own assistant.

The question is, what’s in it for me?

  • I’m more efficient: recording, classifying and finding again my documents in a few clicks.
  • I save time: information is immediately accessible with the search engine.
  • I have more well-being: less stress, I feel like devoting myself to what is useful, like learning Polish.
  • I feel lighter: I’m not going through the volume of data, the IT heaviness. On the contrary, Clarisse is a real tool that relieves my workload, it is my personal assistant.

What about my professional structure in all this?

It’s going to be safer  because all the information will be protected by Clarisse. My professional structure may even be in conformity with the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation). And because all the colleagues will be more relaxed, it is the general atmosphere of the team that will be in a really good place.

“Organizing is mastering!”

We truly believe that all this makes sense to you.
Clarisse has been thought and developed for you; it is your assistant!


Building very easily a quality documentary system
As part of their continuous quality improvement approach, the EHPAD of the Palais-sur-Vienna and Feytiat were looking for a new software solution to ensure their quality insurance system and computerization of their documentary pyramid.
The CLARISSE solution appeared to be “THE” solution going beyond expectations.
This completely adaptable solution allows you to build a quality documentary system very easily.You can secure and control its content. It allows validation flows, alerts. It is accessible to everybody, while respecting the identified processes in the institutions, according to the ISO, an essential standard for certification of services.
It makes the reading and use of the quality documentary system easy for all staff by its intuitiveness and simplicity of use, these fundamental points have attracted the support of those working in the profession.
In addition, complete dematerialization of all documents (excluding documentary quality) is also possible … another undeniable asset to eventually reduce the volumetry of documents stored on the servers and why not strive towards “0” paper…

Fabienne Arrondeau