Internet friends,

Your curiosity has pushed you to this page with a somewhat stilted title and which sounds almost false on a site with a rather humorous tone. You even thought, “Well, what have we got here ? A serious page in the middle of all this geek humor, it’s weird.”

By the way, speaking of geek humor, you may have missed some references when you read. And this repeated mention to the Polish language made you believe in a private joke.

In short, here I decided to explain why this site looks like the one you just browsed. Where do I start?

A technical serious matter explained with simple words

First of all, we wanted this site to be accessible to all. The main stakeholders are of course those who are at the heart of the action, that is to say who regularly manipulate data. Whether you are an executive or employee of a small business, an ETI, a Large Group, a health institution or a local authority, know that Clarisse has been developed to assist you on a daily basis.

We didn’t want to feed you pompous technical terms that “don’t speak” to the vast majority of you. We wanted to refer to situations you encounter on a daily basis and what Clarisse can do for you. If you want us to tell you about our Microsoft Dot Net, Webservice, Micro-services, WCF, Blazor, SQL Server, SSO, Elasticsearch or other technologies contact us because we also have a lot to say about it!

Our (slightly) geeky humor

Our humor is slightly geeky and that’s normal, since we are! And again, you have escaped some lyrical musings that have not survived a “cold” rereading. Treating with humor a subject as serious as the digitalized organization of professional data (Yes, it sounds less fun said like that!), it is for us a way to dare the difference.

The team that works around Clarisse is offbeat (because I surrounded myself with people who look like me 😉 ). Our “originality” is expressed on a daily basis, you will quickly see it by working with us, so we might as well announce the color right away. More than assuming it, we cultivate it, because Clarisse seduces the way it is”.

Indeed, Clarisse makes people happy. Our customers thank us and we are proud to bring them adapted solutions with good humor as a bonus. Thank you to them for offering us this legitimacy to remain authentic and true in our work and communication.

Dear reader, you must know that above all, Clarisse is a story of encounters, observation, common sense and pragmatism. Dare to see something other than American products, too. Dare to consider that in France we know how to do things well and that resemble us.

And the Polish language in all this?

We often refer to the Polish language. None of the team members or I are Polish. No private joke on the subject either. Just a real love for this country that I discovered for the first time in 2017. Since then, I have returned several times and I look forward to seeing again the friends I made there. I invite you to discover the city of Gdansk, which is located in the north of the country, on the edge of the Baltic and which looks so gorgeous. For history lovers, don’t forget the Museum of the Second World War which is absolutely awesome.

In short, this site reflects who we are and tries to present our “baby” in the clearest and most sympathetic way possible. We have designed several reading grids, depending on whether or not you have taken the geek option in second language. We have tried to convey the essentials, even if you do not read all the pages of the site. Just for fun, we even faced the challenge to get the message across only with titles and animated Gifs. It’s up to you to tell us if we have succeeded…

If, despite everything, you still have questions, contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

Alexandre Guinjard