Your employees need powerful collaborative tools. A need increased by teleworking but also by working methods increasingly based on collective intelligence and the pooling of skills. Facilitating this cooperation means streamlining exchanges, offering better working comfort and increasing efficiency.
Many solutions have emerged these years. Focused essentially on “working better together”, they often have the most friendly and efficient assets of digital. They facilitate the flow of information but undermine essential issues: the organization of data, their security and the management of personal data.

That’s why our developers have reversed the logic. They first developed an organizational solution to which they integrated a collaborative tool. Clarisse is designed to enable you to collaborate simply, efficiently and securely.

Delegate your tasks within Clarisse

Clarisse allows you to easily delegate tasks to your colleagues and collaborators. It’s very simple! From the same document, you assign each one or more actions to be carried out. You follow the progress of the missions in a dashboard that tells you if the deadlines are respected. Clarisse is your personal assistant !

Work on the right version of a document

Emailing a document to your colleagues and collaborators and asking everyone to perform actions on this document quickly becomes a headache of different versions. How do you know who did what, in what order, what is the latest version? Everywhere there are many V2, V3, V4 that we keep to be sure not to lose anything along the way. Our clients come to us with many examples, seriously impacting their business, such as this architectural firm that lost an important tender based on a bad version of a plan. Terrible, but true!

Clarisse’s collaborative function saves you all these hassles. You will only work on one version of a document, the last one, while still having the possibility to consult the previous ones. All of this with the help of a dashboard. Then, you’ll avoid Pierre working on V1, Pauline on V2 and Jacques avoiding his turn…

Fewer emails for better management of your storage space

Using Clarisse to collaborate without using your mailbox, also gives you another direct and more financial advantage. Sending a document to 5 people by email is like sending and storing 5 documents. It’s more emails that saturate employees’ inboxes.

Storing data represents an exponential cost for professional organizations. Moreover, many structures encourage their teams to delete their old or large emails to optimize storage in servers. A tedious job that sometimes makes you lose a file tracking history.

Staying in Clarisse to collaborate is a guarantee of security

To distribute a document by email is to be vulnerable and expose oneself to the misdeeds of a cyberattack. It is for this reason that it is better to stay in Clarisse to collaborate and not get out of it. This is your only guarantee of security and it is great!

Business process optimization with Clarisse Premium!

Beyond the delegation of tasks, our Premium version of Clarisse allows you to set up workflows, real decision-making tools. You will be able to easily set up a work organization around a project. Above all, you can easily set up the processes that interest you and only those that you really need.

Clarisse brings all your processes together in a single application:

  • Salary review
  • Recruitment
  • Management of travel expenses
  • Validation and payment of orders and invoices…

Electronic signature

Clarisse offers you the possibility to validate a document and affix an electronic signature to it. The signed document acquires legal value in the same way as a document signed by hand. The Clarisse solution guarantees the integrity of the digital document and authenticates the signatory or signatories. Clarisse provides the user with a simple way to verify both the fingerprint of the document, i.e. the authenticity of the document, as well as the validity of the signatures affixed.

Collaboration and confidentiality

Who says collaborate, says share information. However, the notion of confidentiality should not be neglected. The contents of project workbooks are only accessible to authorized persons. But, for confidentiality to not slow down efficiency, the referral system allows every users to bind data to the only binder concerned. Authorized persons only have to validate the integration afterwards.

Share information throughout its structure

Some information must be accessible to all employees of your structure. Operating procedures, internal regulations and other values charter that are the reflection of the company. Updates to these “structural” documents must be communicated, which is sometimes a real obstacle course. Clarisse offers a Subscription feature, which allows monitoring of these resource documents and notifies users of their evolution.