With Clarisse, don’t lose anymore time !

On average, a person spends up to 20% of their time filing and searching for information. Just that! But Clarisse is here, and its innovative organizational method will bring you efficiency. Everything is designed to give you quick access to your document. The classic tree structure system is shattered to make way for only two levels of classification and management by access rights.

  • Thanks to the powerful search engine and the indexing of the content of documents, keyword research will make it possible to find them in less than 2 seconds!
  • Thanks to the metadata, you will even find images, plans, videos, etc.
  • Thanks to character recognition (OCR) you will find the scanned documents by their content.

Significant gains

Clarisse allows you to save up to 30% of storage volume

  • Thanks to: Systematic compression of documents in their optimal format
  • Document lifecycle management that avoids duplication and proposes their deletion at the end of the chosen retention period

Clarisse also saves you 15% of bandwidth:

  • Documents pass encrypted and especially compressed on the network.
  • Thanks to its collaborative module, you can share and work on your documents within Clarisse, without having to send them by email.

This should delight your CFO

An average of 20% more efficient, 30% less storage costs, 15% more bandwidth saved… no need to make complex calculations to see the beneficial impact of Clarisse on your operating result and its return on investment. And all this with happy users!

Link documents together

Make it SIMPLE, FAST AND EFFICIENT when you are in a hurry. Isn’t this the wish of any overbooked employee? What if instead of using 10 different apps, I could find everything from the same interface? All documents related to a business case in 1 click. Don’t ask Jarvis (editor’s note: Iron Man’s super AI), but his almost cousin, Clarisse!

Clarisse has been able to anticipate these needs and offers the possibility of linking documents together. Thus, when you search for an invoice for example, you easily access other documents that you have linked to it such as quotes, contracts, emails, plans, etc. WOW

Email management

And now Clarisse even allows you to better organize your emails! Indeed, Clarisse interfaces with Outlook as a plugin: with a simple click you can manage your emails. This will allow you to easily and quickly associate them with other documents. Like any other document, it will benefit from all the features of Clarisse. In addition, your emails benefit, like any document, from all the features of Clarisse. Thus, they too can be easily and quickly associated with other documents and found through the search engine. What a time saver and how comfortable!

Clarisse works for you

Clarisse manages the life cycle of all your documents, from their creation to their archiving and/or deletion. When filing documents in Clarisse you simply indicate the action that Clarisse must carry out for you: archive, move or delete. You set the due date that will be reminded of you when the time comes. No more headaches to archive or delete your thousands of documents. No more hours to « do the cleaning” of your computer. Not to mention that the lifecycle management of documents containing personal data is a GDPR prerogative.


Who has not already gotten confused with the multiple versions of a document that may have been created by several people. A great classic! Thanks to Clarisse, all employees now work on only one version of a document, the last one! On the other hand, each of the previous versions remains searchable. Nothing is lost and everything is all four-square with Clarisse. The dream for lawyers!

Data are an asset that values the company

Organization allows control. If you control your data, you will be able to value it, that is to say, process and exploit it. To exploit a datum, it is necessary to have knowledge of its existence. It must exist in a unique way and be accessible to those who need it. When this datum becomes accessible for analysis, it participates in the enhancement of the professional organization in the same way as the ERP (or other business applications). With Clarisse and your business applications, you will have control over 100% of your documentary heritage. And you will rediscover a part of it that you were not even aware of anymore! So you will have the opportunity to transform your data into an asset that will increase the value of the company.