Our reason for being?

Help companies and their employees to organize and secure their data. A challenge to take up, which motivated us for several years and gave birth to Clarisse. In a context of exponential growth in data, it is becoming urgent to regain control of its documentary heritage in order to ensure its control.

Our common thread “to organize is to control” takes on its full meaning here. Without organization, there is no efficiency. Without control, there is no security. The Clarisse teams put all their creative energy at the service of companies and their employees to simplify their lives and ensure their comfort and serenity.


With Clarisse, our goal is to give you a simple and effective way to regain control over all of your documentary heritage. Through our organizational method, we bring efficiency and well-being to employees. They will manage their tasks and their working time more efficiently and with complete peace of mind. We help them regain motivation and a taste for work, as well as to collaborate better with each other. And by extension, a whole professional organization wins and becomes more efficient. Clarisse is also more security for your data. The personal data of your employees will remain confidential; Your entire organization will be more secure against intrusion and hacking attempts.

The genesis of Clarisse :

Clarisse was born from a simple observation: business software does not make it possible to exploit the vast majority of the data present in our professional structures. These are unstructured data. Our teams, composed of enthusiast and enlightened gentiles, have therefore launched themselves a somewhat crazy challenge, to master 100% of the data of our professional organizations. How ? By inventing an organizational method accompanied by an innovative software tool. This is how the Clarisse adventure began with a strong development axis: simple and comfortable use. Clarisse has been entirely thought and developed for the user!

An answer to many challenges

The need to organize and control data is becoming more and more pressing. Professional organizations are at the heart of major challenges at a time of increasing digitalization of our lifestyles. The need to secure data is becoming a key element in the face of increasing cyberattacks. The legislation imposes this necessary vigilance formalized by the new GDPR directives, as useful as they are burdensome for professional structures. At the same time, making organizations and their employees more efficient remains a major challenge. A significant part of the working time is unproductive, such as searching for a  too long document, errors related to duplicates, etc. All these time-consuming tasks impact the motivation and well-being of employees. They are undeniably expecting to be provided with effective technology and tools to have a better organization of their work.

The tree structure as a source of complexity

Clarisse is not just a software. It is an organizational method that frees itself from the traditional classification by tree structure. A tree structure is built according to the logic of its designer but we must consider that we do not all have the same logics! Duplicates, waste of time to find « too » tidy documents, data scattered throughout the company’s computer system and therefore not secure are all problems to which Clarisse responds.

Access rights management, usually so difficult to implement effectively, is even becoming one of Clarisse’s keys to use.

The danger of information dispersion :

Information has an almost natural tendency to be disseminated within professional structures. Telecommuting has exacerbated the situation with the explosion in the use of collaboration and data sharing software. Simple, quick to set up and often free, these digital solutions are often out of control by employees and difficult to control by the IT department. Their use contributes to the dispersing of data by losing control of it. The risks of such a “disorganization” are multiple: an internal or even external dissemination that undermines the confidentiality and security of the company’s data, or simply the fact of not working on the right version of a document or that it is misplaced.

The Clarisse difference

Given this situation, Clarisse clearly differs from an Electronic Document Management (EDM) software and other very popular sharing and communication solutions. Trading secrets, Clarisse is not a simple GED! It’s different!

Clarisse defines itself as a real organizational tool that guarantees you:

  • SAFETY at all levels
  • EFFICIENCY on a daily basis
  • COMFORT and ease of use

Everything is designed to make your life simpler and make you happy!