Do not repeat it, but Clarisse has a secret! Clarisse is not just a simple software, Clarisse is a method of organization facilitated by the digital tool.

What is the point of Clarisse?

Clarisse provides an efficient and reliable sorting of all your so-called “unstructured” data. What’s that? You know, your paper mail, your emails, your Word, Excel, PDF, JPG files and other documents that are used for the daily operation of your professional structure outside the business software. The famous “paperwork” which is necessarily somewhere when we look for it, but which often plays hide and seek with our nerves and patience when we need it. In short, this is all that Clarisse supports and the advantages to a better sorting are multiple (yes, yes, it’s proven!):

  • gain in search and ranking speed,
  • gain in serenity because the data are no longer lost and are easily accessible,
  • avoid errors by always working on the correct version of the document,
  • centralize data to better secure it,
  • be in compliance with the GDPR,
  • optimize your data-collaborate more easily with colleagues.

Ranking is the basis of any organization! Without an effective ranking, there is no efficiency! No prey, no pay ….
Now you know what Clarisse does: Clarisse classes, Clarisse organizes, Clarisse secures, etc. In short, Clarisse allows you to work better and in much better conditions thanks to the control of your data.

And then what if my ranking is already perfect and I master everything!?

We don’t want to waste your time, we’re even here to save you time. Just to be sure… Did you say « perfect » ? So you can assure that:

  • You can find any document, regardless of its age and regardless of the person who filed it, in less than in 2 seconds?
  • You have never lost a single document.
  • You have never worked on an outdated version of a document.
  • You centralize 100% of your unstructured data without ever using any Drive, including USB keys?
  • The GDPR application is only a formality for you.
  • You are aware of 100% of your documentary heritage, which allows you to avoid duplication of processing.
  • Your employees have so much available time that they have all learned to speak Polish during their working hours.

If you check all the boxes then okay, we congratulate you because you control everything. If not so, go ahead, and read on…?

How to organize effectively?

Four things to do:

  • Eliminate treeview classification. Treeviews are created according to the logic of their creators. But we do not all have the same logics so what is obvious for one is not necessarily for another.
  • Eliminate all data sharing systems that decentralize them, generate duplicates and make it easier for malicious people to work.
  • Apply the same method to the entire professional organization.
  • Having a business tool that allows you to apply this method.

What is the Clarisse method?

Thanks to Clarisse, you no longer work with tree structures but with binders and spacers, just like in real life! This powerful approach has a twofold benefit:

  1. it has a proven track in the past to handle large amounts of information,
  2. it is known and mastered by everyone, so very easy to handle.

With Clarisse, we work in “project way“, i.e. teams and data evolve around projects. Thanks to the filing by files, the organizational method becomes simple and universal: each project is materialized by a file. In real life, this would not be possible due to lack of space in our offices. Thanks to digital technology, no more limit. No matter how many files there are, Clarisse knows how to manage!

Access rights are defined by the files, so everyone can work around the projects that concern them. Add to this various high-tech features such as chat rooms or task delegations and you get a really efficient organizational system. Clarisse is a cross between the best of the analog ranking and the best of the digital technology. Clarisse becomes a perfect assistant who allows you to save the time you need to learn Polish.