What is the GDPR?

Since 25 May 2018, the European Union has imposed the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation concerns 100% of the professional and associative structures that work on European soil. But the GDPR also concerns non-EU business structures that work directly or indirectly with Europe. The GDPR applies only to personal data, i.e. all information relating to identified or identifiable natural persons. To keep it simple, professional organizations must identify, protect and manage all data relating to individuals in order to protect them from abusive exploitation.

GDPR versus unstructured data

So far, the vast majority of business applications are GDPR compliant, i.e. they anonymize and secure information about individuals. But business applications only process 20% of all information. 80% of data are unstructured data, not always digitized. The GDPR requires structures to keep a record of what data they have in their possession, how they use it and keep it away from prying eyes. Not easy when the structure does not control its unstructured data (excluding business software)!

The part of Clarisse:

To apply the GDPR with unstructured data, it is necessary that they are identified, organized and controlled. But traditional tree structure classification systems do not do this effectively.

Beyond even the control of data, the application of the GDPR will require:

  • Targeting data containing personal information
  • Securing them
  • Controlling  their dissemination
  • Controlling of retention periods
  • Traceability of access
  • Generation of an access register
  • Giving the possibility to individuals to be able to exercise their right to information
  • Giving the possibility to individuals to be able to exercise their right to be forgotten

Clarisse offers all these features to its users. The processing is automated, which allows professional organizations to comply with the GDPR without slowing down users in the processing of their daily tasks.

Clarisse meets the standards of GDPR

Of course Clarisse is a business software that meets with the regulations. All user data is anonymized, encrypted and the actions of the latter are traced in order to be able to generate access logs. Clarisse allows you to simply and efficiently enforce your GDPR protocol at the level of unstructured data. The actions of data protection officers (DPO) are thus greatly simplified. Here again Clarisse will bring to your professional organization efficiency and serenity.